Clarens May 2017

“Look deep into Nature, and then you will Understand Everything” Albert Einstein

In May 2017 we attended the Getpix Creative College annual tour to the breathtaking Clarens  in South Africa. Over the four days we traveled around the small towns of Clarens photographing the beautiful landscapes, people, culture and lots more that Clarens has to offer.

_MG_2149_50_51_tonemapped-2_MG_2154-2_MG_2158_59_60_tonemapped-2_MG_2166_MG_2167_8_9_tonemapped_MG_2239_MG_2478_MG_2497_8_9_tonemapped-2_MG_2507 - Copy-2 1_MG_2521_2_3_tonemapped-2_MG_2527_8_9_Vibrant-2_MG_2530_1_2_tonemapped_MG_2542_3_4_tonemapped_MG_2545-2_MG_2546-2_MG_2557-2_MG_2560_MG_2567_68_69_70_tonemappedIMG_2474


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