Pet Photography

“Until one has Loved an animal, a part of one’s Soul remains Unawakened”-Anatole France Animal Photography portrays the emotion of a living, breathing creature that connects with the human race on a emotional level. These breathtaking animals from small to large all showed of their best sides when the camera came out. A massive thank…

Automotive Photography

“When a man opens a Car door for his wife, it’s either a new Car or new wife”-Prince Philip Getpix Creative College offered us the experience of a lifetime to photograph some real Horse Power. The vehicles were seemingly spectacular and the rush it had to offer was a real advantage to become better at our craft. 

Food Photography

“Food is for Eating, and Good food is to be Enjoyed… I think Food is, actually, very Beautiful in itself.” Delia Smith Food Photography is a way of capturing the beauty of food in both its Natural and Cooked form. Getpix Creative College organized a fantastic opportunity to photograph some outstanding dishes styled by Tony Stacey. Over the 3 days we…

Clarens May 2017

“Look deep into Nature, and then you will Understand Everything” Albert Einstein In May 2017 we attended the Getpix Creative College annual tour to the breathtaking Clarens  in South Africa. Over the four days we traveled around the small towns of Clarens photographing the beautiful landscapes, people, culture and lots more that Clarens has to offer.

Inspired by a Tormented Soul

I was inspired by a concept of a persons soul, that was completely destroyed by his past. These images where all taken with a individual light to create the mood of the shoot. Sam the Model, wore a painted face almost childlike to show the pain of his past. These images portray a story. Thank…